clamp bunk - 2,8 m²

Vehicles from 18 tons payload and more, that's what the 2.8 is made for.

The enormous size of this clamp bunk alone is impressive. The compact four-point bearing ensures a very low installation height. Despite the enormous size of 2.8 m², this clamp bunk weights only 1400 kg.

This clamp bunk leaves nothing to be desired.

The 2,8 m² in everyday work

technical description

basic size loading area 2,8 m²
max. loading area 5,3 m²
min. loading area 0,84 m²
tilting angle +- 22°
weight (basic version) 1.400 kg



trunk carrier at the clamping arms 300225
slewing brake 411126
special paint finish (different colour) 403783
hydraulic control unit 419415
electrical control unit 402692


All prices ex works Nesselwang, excluding VAT.